Sunday, October 7, 2007

Okay...I'm sorry!

I know, I know. I should have updated eons ago. I will not even try to offer an excuse (Becky's fault), and will only ask forgiveness. Is anybody else having trouble keeping a blog updated, keeping Ravelry updated, knitting, and doing this other thing called life?

...the knitting...
Here's Jessie's Lucy, felted and looking lovely. The colors (Grapes on the Vine) really blended nicely, and I'm so pleased with the final result! Only thing left is to head to Yarn Haven and find the perfect button(s) for it. I saw some last Tuesday that I liked a LOT! Doesn't the bottom of the bag look oh so cool?

I must say, I do prefer the sport weight bag to the worsted weight. It's a really nice size, and perfect for a wallet, cell phone, make-up and yes, banana chips!

Becky turned me onto the Irish Hiking Scarf, so I'm doing one for Ellie using Berraco Comfort in a
Burgundy tone. Now don't turn your nose up....although it's an acrylic blend, this yarn is realllllllllly soft and beautiful! The pattern is slow but steady and perfect for InsanKnitty.

Also, I knit up a hat with
some beautiful yarn that Patti gave me for my bday last April! I think I have enough to make another, too! Pay no attention to the fuzzy pic...I had to use the webcam to snap it, cuz my short, stubby arms aren't long enough to take a self portrait with the digital camera.

see...what else? Ohhh...I know. I started my Block of the Month class at Yarn Haven! OMGoodness...what a riot. If ONLY Barb would show up sober, we may actually get something done! In any case, here's the pattern for October (in progress)! I've decided to do it all in one color: Manos, Putty. I'm going for elegant simplicity! Looky can kinda see a pattern forming! Shout out to Dale Ann for casting on my 52 in a moment of laziness. LOVE that poncho, Dale!

By the way, bot the Comfort yarn and the Manos were purchased at Yarn Haven...if ya want some of your own!

Since I decided to go with a rather plain color for the BOM afghan, I decided that KnitPicks new Harmony needles would be just what I needed to keep my mojo going throughout the next twelve months! Aren't they coooool?

Okay...quick poll...Is this worsted weight Lucy Bag terribly ugly? Don't spare my it? I still need to do the straps, but I'm just wondering if it's ick! I like it, but then again, I still like Rick who knows! Anyway, I think I'll do the straps in red....thoughts? Please don't tell me to do the straps in the tan color, cuz I just don't think I have enough left....nor do I have enough green to do BOTH straps. Hee tell me to do them in the periwinkle or in red.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Peace!


sarah lou said...

i vote one strap of each color for the lucy bag!! i so need to make one of those soon. thanks for the update, everything looks lovely!! :)

Patti said...

AAhhh -- I'm smiling!!! Yippee... you up-dated! I LOVE your Lucy bag -- BEAUTIFUL! Your scarf is sssooo pretty! Great pattern and yarn! I'm so proud of all of your new projects! Cables -- fancy stitchwork. You go girl!!! I like the putty -- yes, it is elegant...very lovely! Okay, I like periwinkle for Lucy #2. Just cause I like periwinkle. Your needles are cool -- I have some of those in DPN #2. I hope that we can knit together SOON! ><>

Anonymous said...

I love the Irish Hiking Scarf. You are doing a beautiful job.
Would like a poncho Karen????? LOLOL
The block of the month was great fun. You really know how to liven up a group.
Thanks so much

Karen said...

ooooh! Great job on the cables! I've done two IHS's already and enjoyed it both times. Lucy Bag? Red straps! Red is my favorite color. I think I need one of those bags...

sunneshine said...

Love the IHS - and its so much fun to knit!! So much beautiful work coming off your pretty needles!

Oh, and don't get me started on Ravelry - its a whole new dimension to knitting!

Elisha said...

I tagged you in my blog... read it for more info!