Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stouffer's Lasagna...God's happy gift to the knitting woman!

So the other day, Becky told me that she's heard that knitting actually lowers blood pressure. Since I know that SHE is a more than capable practitioner of medicine, I will not challenge her, and believe her words to be true. However...FROGGING IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY! Ripping out 12 inches of stitches nearly put me into a stroke! I was thinking of words that I would NEVER dare say aloud! "Oh my! What happened," you say in your wide eyed, tail between the legs voice. Well, I shall tell you. Jessie's Lucy....I knit the wrong strap!!! Instead of knitting the short strap, I knit the OTHER END of the long strap...which would have made one realllllly long strap. Had I kitchener stitched the long strap (instead of thinking I'd wait and do them both at once, this NEVAH would have happened! OHHHH THE HUMANITY! In any case, unhappy camper. So...I kitchener stitched the long strap, and have to start the short strap again. GRRR. Since I'm in whiner mode...I'm doing SOMETHING wrong on my kitchener stitch! I fudged it, but I need to figure out the problemo! [/end rant]

Perhaps the rest of you have seen this, but I just found it today...isn't it cute??? I think I'd do the pumpkin itself in a variegated yarn with a coordinating solid top, but I just thought it was fun. In any case, I don't think I'll have time before Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. October is going to be busy with my block of the month afghan class and felted clog class. Not to mention various Christmas presents I need to get crackin' on! Anyway...It's in the queue if I find time.

I do believe I've mastered the art of walking and knitting...YES...AT THE SAME TIME! Ms. Knitasha and I took a knit-n-walk on the local bike/walking path the other day. We ended up doing about 3.5 miles while knitting the entire time. Just ask the scrawny high school boys that were hittin' on us. Hee hee. Not really...they were just being....well...boys, I guess.

The plan for tonight is to watch the first half of Gone With the Wind (37 years old and I've never seen it) and knit up that short strap on Lucy (grumble, grumble). That's where the Stouffer's Lasgna comes in. After a crazy day of frogging and running errands and playing taxi driver, I decided to throw pre-made, sodium induced high blood pressure into the mix! Don't worry...I'm serving grape tomatoes and cucumber with garlic into the mix as a "side dish."

...the knitting....
If even ONE of you asks to see the Lucy bag, I shall line your Christmas cookies with Ex-Lax. Here's the little chemo cap I'm knitting while walking. Other than a tiny bit of progress on Bizzy's Ice Cream Sundae socks, I have nothing to report....well...I do, but I'm just not ready yet. Have a great next couple of days, and knit like you were dying!

PS...I made two new fiber friends this week...Kate and Jeanne! Glad to have met up with you ladies!


becky c. said...

Gone With The Wind! Great movie, even better book. Sorry 'bout the frog-fest. At least you didn't spend TWO DAYS unraveling the Kauni skein from hell. (Just a little perspective for you - you're welcome)

Kate said...

LOVE that movie!
Not even going to mention the Bag That Shall Remain Nameless, least of all ask to see it! (ex-lax in the Christmas cookies? What a diabolical mind you have!)
And it was equally nice to meet you. :)

Jeanne said...

It was good to meet you, too! As for the MP3's--who has time? I gotta keep up with you-know-who! LOL! Send me your email; I get the standard no response Blogger comments and can't email you back.