Friday, September 14, 2007

STOP what you are doing!!!!

Elisha showed me this, and I just HAD to show you!!!! LOL with me!!!

Wooly Bullies!!!

I had the nicest morning/early afternoon with Becky at the coffee shop! We had a soy chai each, and then got down to knittin! She was working on Fifi, and I was finishing up my chemo cap....yes, I should have been working on something far more impressive (being with Becky, world renown knitting extraordinaire ), but I really wanted to get it off the needles! Next time we get together I'll be working on Princess Stephanie's wedding gown...fer SURE! Anyway, it was great to hang out and get to know! Since we live within a mile of eachother, we went to the local bean house...SEEEEE?!?!?!?
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Yea...fuzzy pics, but we only had our camera phones. Here's an even worse one...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The good news is that I finished my first chemo cap!!! No, no...don't applaud...You know you're just doing it to humor me. In any case, I'm proud of's my first hat of any kind!!! I have plenty of yarn left, so I need to cast on another chemo cap and keep it for when I'm power walking! Hey Becky...wanna go for a walk?

I will be felting up Jessie's Lucy this weekend, so stay tuned for those pics. I've never met her, but she's a darling young lady who's beat the odds and overcome serious heart conditions to be alive and thriving!

Question: Was anybody else disappointed with the patterns in Knitty's latest issue? I was. Just "so so" kind of stuff...dontcha think? The last issue, IMHO, was much more intriguing!

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becky c. said...

The photo on the piano keys is WAAAAY cooler than the one you took with your phone. I am totally up for walking!

Elisha said...

I am so JEALOUS! I love going to the coffee shop... I sat at work alllll day long. :( And I get told I'm not allowed to have my knitting on my desk because it looks like I don't do anything all day. Hah!

I really liked that Totally Autumn Afghan, but did you see the yarn? $55 a skein! At least it was 850 yards, but STILL. It was so pretty though!

Kate said...

Your local coffee shop looks like a great place to sit and knit with a friend. I wish I could join you guys, but the commute is a killer!
I am in love with the 'Muir' wrap in Knitty, and I quite like the 'Roam' and 'Neiman' sweaters, but I was a little surprised that there weren't more sweater patterns.