Monday, October 15, 2007

I was unfaithful. Oh the shame!

As of this moment, I have not picked up a knitting needle since Friday morning and feel so completely incomplete! I cannot wait to get all of my chores done this morning and get back the needles...ahhh to feel them in my hands. I cheated on the knitting to work on my other little hobby. Don't judge me.

I spent allllll day Saturday (late into the night) and Sunday at
Sauder Village scrapbooking with about 200 other ladies. I really did NOT feel like going, but I had registered and paid for it, so I just couldn't justify throwing money away. Turns out, I'm glad I went. I got lots and lots (haven't counted them yet) of pages done...caught up all the way to June of THIS YEAR! My goal is to finish up the little bit that I have left, and go to completely digital scrapbooking. After all these years, I'm sorta sick of the whole physical cut and paste thing! I'm ready for the change.

It was really nice to see the women whom I only see at these crops once every six months, and get caught up on their families and lives. Only problem is...I ate waaaaaaaay to much down home cookin' (carbs out the wazoo) and feel rather slow and lazy today. Ugh.

Since I have no new fiber on the needles to show you, how about a pic or two of a layout I did? The 12 x 12 pages I make don't fit in the scanner we have, so I had to take a picture of the page with the camera, and then crop it....but you get the general idea. These pages are from Frozentoesen last February at the
Toledo Zoo. I haven't journaled them yet, so that's what those blank spots are.

Other than my weekend of cropping, I really don't have much to report. Going to InsanKnitty tomorrow night, and going to the felted clog class later in the week. Lots of cleaning and organizing to do, so I should probably get busy!

Have a FABULOUS day!


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becky c. said...

Those pages are cute! We'll just call it your lost weekend and put it behind us.

Karen said...

Great pages, Karen. But the shock! The horror! You, of all people, being unfaithful!!!!! We'll just have to think up some sort of penance for you. hehehehehe

Karen said...

Yeah! Put me on up there. (it's the other other Karen)