Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nuttin' but SOCKS!

So we're preparing for up to ten inches of white, lumpy, frozen rain over the next 24 hours, and I'm really wishing I'd made myself some toasty, warm mittens! However, it was not to be, and I will end up in store bought gloves, hat, and scarf as I venture out into the frozen tundra tomorrow. hee hee.../drama!

Without further ado, I present to you....some socka, socka, socka! Glen received a pair of warm house/sleeping socks to keep the toesies warm all night long. If only I could knit a muzzle for the snoring (did I really just share that thought with the world?). I used some stashed KnitPicks, Wool of the Andes, in Cape Cod. No, his feet are not normally in "first position." He did the "special" pose for the camera.

Next up, also out of the stash, one whole sock for Bren...yes, she has two feet, but I was held up by the fact that two of the same colorways with two of the SAME dye lot numbers ended up being very different colors. However, one call to KnitPicks, and shazam! They were on it! They sent me two other balls, free of charge, to try to match to the original finished sock. Luckily, one of the balls is pretty close, and should work out fine. I really like the KnitPicks, Felici, Pebble. Hmmm...looks like it's currently a goner and out of stock!

The great composers have not yet given me their thoughts on the sock, but I have assured them that since they lack legs (haven't told them about the arms yet), they will not be required to wear any sock(s) I may present for their inspection. Isn't that Brahms a hottie?

Also on the needles, some really neat yarn that I've never used before, but was given as a gift. Please say hello to Lisa Souza's Hardtwist, Mars Quake! It's a DK weight, and is coming together swimmingly on size four needles!

Lastly, but most definitely not least-ly, are these stunning, self-striping, socks from Adriafil, Knitcol, #49 (Insert imagination here, and pretend that you see the adorable, fun socks that will come from two balls of this lovely yarn purchased at Yarn Haven.)

Thank you for stopping by, and please send yarn should I be trapped in the white, lumpy death that is headed our way. According to this guy, we're in for a doosey. Yea...I'll believe it when I see it, too! Bridgette is not concerned.

snow storm


becky c. said...

Apparently you have used up all monogamous effort on your marriage. How many WIP's is that?! Sock madness - I've seen it before. (Shakes head sadly)

twirlergurl said...
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twirlergurl said...

Sorry messed up on the other comment..What i was trying to say is thats alot of socks, and i think your dog is cute.

Karen said...

Well, it certainly wasn't 10", but it was good enough for a day off! Keep it up and you'll have as many WIP's as me, girlie.