Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I can't believe we ate the whole thing!

Yes, friends. My oinky little family, myself included, ate the ENTIRE chicken pot pie. We're talking nine inch pie plate here! We are all ashamed...very, very ashamed. In any case, the girls created a wonderful dinner and dessert to celebrate this very special US holiday!

Only problem was that I forgot to take a picture of the pie in pan, and had to grab Bizzy's before she finished her pie to take a picture! I'm not looking to win any awards with THESE pics!

Here's dessert...CHERRY pie!

I was so thrilled that I remembered to take and post pictures, until I saw Her Queenship's pies! Grrrr....the jealousy spews from my eye sockets!!! Roadtrip anyone?

So after checking out Kate's blog (thrilled that she had acknowledged Pie Day) I went to Ms. Becky's blog. She TOO had a pie in the oven...a Paula Dean pie to boot!!! Woot! WHAT a day! Do I DARE go check anybody else on my little ole' blog roll? Hmmm..not so far, but there are two hours left until midnight! In any case, National Pie Day was a resounding success here, as well as in the Pushing Daisies group @ Ravelry!

For National Pie Day 2009, I think we should each consider knitting up this little gem!

Thanks for stopping by!


Kate said...

Aww, shucks.
Thanks for letting me know about Pie day - It's always nice to have an excuse to do some over-the-top baking. At this time of year, I'm just happy to be baking something that doesn't have bananas in it! They go off so fast in the hot weather that I have to bake banana muffins or bread or something every two or three days!

becky c. said...

If I ever have enough free time to start knitting food, someone make me do something useful, ok?