Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Like a HEAT WAVE!!!

The high today is 68 northern Ohio...Woohoo! So far it's sunny, but I can see some rain clouds off in the distance. Hopefully the rain will hold off until after Biz, Bear, and I can take a walk.

Good thing I knit up these warm, cozy mittens for Bizzy! (eye roll) These "Just My Size" mittens were knit up using worsted weight black wool (some half used skein) and Noro Kureyon (209). As you can see, at the time they were finished there was a serious need for them (aka snow). Had a little trouble with gauge, so one is a teensy bit bigger than the other. Shhh...that's where the knoobie part comes in.

Just finished a first one for Bear out of worsted Lamb's Pride (Jack's Plum) and Schoeller and Stahl, Baby Micro (Lavender). BTW...all yarns and patterns available at YH.

Hubby is to be the proud recipient of these bulky weight socks made from Knit Picks, Bulky Wool of the Andes (Cape Cod). feet are big!

And, lastly for your viewing pleasure...Here is the current block I'm on for my "Block of the Month" class. I'm a little behind, but catching up! It's being worked in Manos del Uruguay, Putty.

That's all for now, my most favored peeps! Happy knittin'!


becky c. said...

Dontcha love this weather? I'm wearing capri pants at work just cuz I can! You have been a busy little knitter - love the socks.

Kate said...

So do you have mittens for yourself, or will you not be needing them today?
Should I mention that I went for a walk at 6 o'clockish this morning, and when I got back an hour later it was already 25*C (that's 78*F to you), or would that be considered "rubbing it in"? Today is going to be horribly hot here, and clouds are building up for rain, so it will be humid, too. Ick.

Karen said...

Crazy weather! And like you, I'm knitting mittens... a wool scarf... a wool sweater. It IS January though.

Great knitting, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...
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