Sunday, December 23, 2007

Welcome Back!

I have been screwing around with my blog for days and days, and getting nowhere! For now, I'm sticking with THIS layout cuz if I don't, I'll be tweaking forever, and never post again!

I had to stop posting after Thanksgiving,
cuz I was so busy knitting up Christmas gifts, and I didn't want to post any of the progress, in case they'd be seen by one of my gift recipients.

Here's a quick rundown:

For Mom:

...a hat and scarf out of Lamb's Pride Bulky, Mountain Colors Mohair Loop and Mohair in Sunburst...

Of course, I made her model it immediately after opening. Isn't she precious?

Next, I made her a Lucy Bag out of Blackberry Ridge, Sierra Madre in the worsted weight with the short handle. I found the perfect button at Yarn Haven.

Next up, Doug got a cozy warm hat made from Lamb's Pride, worsted, Onyx, and Plymouth, Encore, worsted in a bright orange to match his Kubota tractor. (
Bizzy is modeling for the close-up pic.)

Isn't he adorable? He likes it!

What else have I been
workin' on? Wellll, my friend, Brenda, in southern California claims that the nights get really cold out there, and that her feet get cold. Soooo, I'm makin' her some really fun, thick, warm socks out of Lamb's Pride Bulky, Blue Skyways. I just finished the second one, and with any luck (and the postman), she'll have them in a few days!

Also working on this lovely scarf for my neighbor made out of Plymouth, Baby Alpaca which is a seriously soft yarn. The pattern is a freebie from Misti Alpaca.

Well, fiber friends, that's all for now! Hope you have a wonderful rest the week, and I'll catch up with each of you soon!


becky c. said...

The new look is very dramatic!!

Glad your mom liked her presents - she looks very happy.

Karen said...

I just had that same scarf pattern in my hands today! LOL

Love all the presents you made. Your mom is adorable!

Kate said...

Great Christmas knits!
If you keep up this sort of output you'll have to change you blog-name, because you won't be a "Knoobie" any more!
Great new look, but I do miss the red barn pic.