Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tomorrow's Post....Today

Tomorrow has the potential to be a busy day, and I'm not sure I'll be able to continue the whole "once a day posting" marathon if I don't post it now. Thanks in advance for the unmitigated forgiveness.

First of all...Kate in Australia, this is for you. I was consoling myself this evening, and thought of your post yesterday.

...the knitting...

Well, since Bizzy got a hat, I had to start one for Bear. Hers is in Lamb's Pride Worsted and is being done in "Jack's Plum." It's a very deep, rich plum color that just shines! I've really become a fan of the Lamb's Pride line recently and since Yarn Haven carries a wide color variety, I know I'll be using it often. In any cae, Bear saw how I posted Bizzy for all to see, so she refused to model her "started" hat. Bridgette, however, being my very best friend EVER, agreed without a second thought!

...and then I said, "Hey Bridge, can you give me a side view?" Of course, she obliged.

Yea...I know it's just the brim, but it'll be done soon.

Also in the works, proof that I'm a loon (like you didn't already snicker that under your breath). Another Lucy Bag (I saw you roll your eyes). It's for my mama for Christmas. Using Blackberry Ridge's Kaleidoscope yarn in Sierra Madre, medium weight. I love the feel of this stuff.

I've got most of the bottom done, so it's just straight knitting from here to the strap bind-off. Shelly (worker bee and friend @ Knitting on the Square), I always think of you when I start a Lucy Bag...thank you for teaching me. I keep that pillow in my lap for the cast-on just like you taught me! You'd be so proud. hee hee.

Lastly, I'm workin' on that worsted weight know, the one being made with the yarn that was spread through my entire house. I would personally like to thank the bust of Ludwig Van Beethoven for being so willing to pose for this photo.

Hope y'all have a fun fiber productive weekend! Thanks for looking!

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Shelly said...

Wow! I've been mentioned in two blogs in two days . . . your's and Kate's! I may have to brush up on my signature if this keeps up! Long Live Lucy!!!!