Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ode to Bulky

Oh, bulky weight yarn, I love you so much.
You feel so firm and thick in my touch.
You make my projects seem quick,
And are ever so thick.
You don't soak up much cash,
Yet enhance my lovely stash.
Oh, bulky yarn, I love you so much.

See...I made a hat...quickly! Bizzy looks VERY THRILLED to model her new hat, doesn't she?

In other related news...I am an idiot. I completed the first sole and started the top for Doug's (best step dad evah) felted clogs. Well, have to make them BIGGER when it's a size 11 man's foot. I was cruizin' right along making clogs to fit a women's 6 - 8 when I realized....UM, HELLO...BIGGER NUMBER in the pattern now. Ugh...these blonde streaks will always win out.


Maria Elena said...

Don't rip it out, I wear a woman's 6-8! I bet they would look REAL NICE on me! ;-) Love Bizzy's new hat. Her look is priceless!

becky c. said...

Snort! Thank goodness you figured it out pre-felting!