Wednesday, April 2, 2008



As many of you know, our very sweet, new dog Vinnie has been extremely sick and in the animal hospital since Friday night. We are very, very worried, and are awaiting test results that will help determine what, exactly, is wrong with our poor boy. Please, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers...he has been through so much these last several days, including a blood transfusion. I cannot even go into detail because it saddens me a LOT.

So today, while out and about, I came across this lovely angora goat. He reminded me of Vinnie...sigh. He and I got to talking, and discovered we have so much in common - especially our love of fiber. He has agreed to live with us, and become my knitting buddy. Ain't he the cutest? His name is MO (short for MoJo).


Hurry home, Vinnie. We all miss you so stinkin much!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Just thinking of you tonight- we said a prayer today for the "Vin-ster". Call if you need anything! Beth

becky c. said...

Aaaaah! Thinking of you!

Jeanne said...

Karen, I'm keeping Vinnie in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Hang in there!

twirlergurl said...

I hope he gets better soon!!!!!!!!!! I'll keep him in my prayers

Kate said...

Thinking healthy-Vinnie thoughts. Keep your chin up.