Friday, March 7, 2008

Odd and Loose Ends

I don't think we've had enough snow yet. Seriously, folks...I run my errands every Tuesday, all afternoon, and end up at knit night in the evening until about 8:30 or so. EVERY STINKIN', TUESDAY, there is some sort of white, lumpy precipitation, be it ice or snow, attacking the earth from skies above! I literally slid home from knitting on Tuesday night in my sleigh minivan. It all started out as freezing rain, and ended the next morning as this:
S7300020 THAT out of my system. So remember all the socks I had hoped to deliver to the gals in California upon my arrival? Well, Jessi's got done:
socks 005
...but Cara's didn't. I was having far too much fun socializing on the airplane. Ya meet the most "amazing" folks at 30,000 feet. So, I'm finishing up hers and mailing them out ASAP. Almost there...
Just finished up my February block for Ellie's afghan, and need to get started on March.
February Block
Something I've been meaning to show you...Becky knit these (modeled by Bear) wonderful Fetchings up for me, and presented them to me at the knitting retreat. They were coveted by all. Thank you, again, Becky.
In other random news....Hubster and the girls presented me with a new camera before I went on my trip. The family camera is far too big to just toss in a knit bag - this one is JUST what I needed. Bizzy picked out the color. Yea, I'm cool.
I used it for all of my California pictures, and they turned out to be GREAT! So, thank you, again, dear family.

Speaking of family...I attempted to fix the red-eye in this pic of Bridgette, but had some trouble. Sorry if she looks a bit creepy. In any case, here is the obligatory PET PHOTO of the WEEK.

Thanks for lookin' everybody, and stop on in for coffee sometime!


becky c. said...

Your square looks great - I love that cable!! More snow tonight - I'm so over it!

Kate said...

I wish I *could* stop in for coffee sometime - that would be so much fun! Ah, well, in the meantime I'll just have to content myself with admiring your fabulous new look on the blog! We loves it, precious.
And I know you are over it, but I could stand to see more snow pics. ;-)