Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Insanknitty, Fiber and Irregularity, Comfy Chairs, and LOTS of Cackles!

Went to Insanknitty last night at Yarn Haven and once again laughed myself to tears! I sat in the library with Becky, Karen and Sarah Lou, (we missed you, Patti), and thoroughly enjoyed say the least! I REALLY want one of those knitting felt SO good! Hmmm...looking around the house to see what I can sell....

Okay...those of you who asked me about the Lucy...I told you the bottom can be a pain, but the rest is easy as apple is what I used to teach me the Emily Ocker Cast On. I have found it works best to keep a pillow in your lap while working it through the first five rows or so, and keep a nice even square as your other words...don't twist it up.

So Ravelry has changed my life. It cut into my knitting time over the weekend, taking pictures of my stash and adding them and such, but it was all so unique! Ohhhh the fun and drooling to be had by all. These folks will be millionaires when it's all said and done! Oh, and if y'all can't find Dale Ann, she's Insanknitter...I think. Speaking of Dale, she gave me permission to post the pattern for the chemo cap that she's always used. Here goes:

Dale Anne's Chemo Cap

Size 8 - 16” circular needle, and either another size 8 circular

or size 8 double points for use when decreasing.

Worsted weight yarn.

Cast on 72 stitches.

K2, P2 for 6 rows.

K each row until cap measures

6-1/2” from start.

Begin Decreases:

1st decrease: *K6, k2tog* (repeat around). Knit next row.

2nd decrease: *K5, k2tog* (repeat around). Knit next row.

3rd decrease: *K4, k2tog* (repeat around). Knit next row.

4th decrease: *K3, k2tog* (repeat around).

5th decrease: *K2, k2tog* (repeat around).

6th decrease: *K1, k2tog* (repeat around).

7th decrease: *k2tog* (repeat around); then pull yarn through remaining

stitches with a tapestry needle. Pull end through to the inside

of the hat, weave in, and trim.

This an easy cap to make. If you’d like a tighter ribbing, use a size 7 circular needle. Also, to accommodate larger heads, you can add stitches in increments of eight. If making a wider cap, you may also want to make it longer before starting your decreases.

There is also a PSA (public service announcement) I promised to throw in...YARN HAVEN COLLECTS CHEMO CAPS FOR THE LOCAL AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY!

...the knitting...

Jessie's sport weight Lucy is coming along nicely. I've got the straps all set up, bound off, and started. I love the way the colors are striping on the straps...just gorgeous!

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I'm moving slowly on the Ice Cream Sundae Socks...but progress was, indeed, made...and this is only Wednesday. Actually, I just wanted to show you my cool new little knitting tote that I got at Yarn Haven. It will velcro through a belt loop so you can walk and knit! Yes, I tried it...only ran into one tree so far. ;)

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Hmmmm....let's see...what else? Well, my canning mojo seems to be calling out to me to throw some things in a jar. I canned this AWESOME Jalapeno Pepper Jelly this past weekend.

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See all 20 of those kiwi sittin' there? They're just softening up a tad bit more to go into Kiwi Jam! Then, of course, in the next few weeks, I'll begin APPLESAUCE!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi Y'all! Welcome to my new yarn pad!

I decided to give up my Xanga site and move my little yarn party over here so that I could more easily receive comments and visitors! I'm still hanging curtains and putting down shelf liner, but it seems to be coming along nicely! I may be asking some of you other blogger folks to help me out along the way as I try to figure out a few things!

Okay...the knitting...

I can't get away from Lucy Bags...I just love to have one in the works for when I want to do mindless straight knitting and don't need to concentrate. They make a nice gift, and are perfect for fall, winter and early spring. I have two in the works right now.

This is a sport weight Lucy Bag that I'm making for an online friend. The yarn came from Blackberry Ridge, and feels like it came right off the sheep...I love it!

The color is called "Grapes on the Vine," and it swirls and stripes! I'm really anxious to see how it felts up! I'm on row 92 (of 100), and will be starting the straps soon!

Here's the other Lucy I'm working on for a friend's birthday. It's the worsted weight one, and is a mix of Cascade 220s, KnitPicks, Wool of the Andes and Brown Sheep, Nature Spun...yea...I used 'em ALL! Hope they felt the same! They should.

So Tuesday nights knit group at Yarn Haven shall now be referred to as InsanKnitty! We all voted on misc. suggestions, and that's what won...I like it! I'm signed up for the Felted Clog class in October, and the Block of the Month Afghan! Looking VERY forward to both. Then, to complicate my life and my finances, Sarah Lou decides to start a Sock Club to meet once a month and knit patterns from Ann Budd's new book: Getting Started Knitting Socks...of which I am a proud owner!

Dale Anne (Yarn Haven) also just sold me: Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, and it's SO much easier now for me to knit socks! Those DPNs just HATE me! Sooooo, I took my beautiful Ice Cream Sundae yarn from Stone Barn Fibers and, with guidance from Patti and, I'm knittin' some socks on circs! Woooooohoooooo!

Speaking of Patti...Look at these GORGEOUS stitch markers she made me!!! Thank you so, so much, Patti....lady of many talents! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So this weeks goals are to finish the Buckeye socks ( pic), the Grapes on the Vine Lucy, and maybe get MOST of one of the Ice Cream Sundae socks done....yea, I'm a dreamer!